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Physio4Me provides an end2end online healthcare service. From Diagnosis to Referral to Rehab to health!

Our mission is to bring healthcare into the 21st century.

Fast & Accurate Online Injury Diagnosis

We provide fast and accurate Injury Diagnosis without the need to leave your home. No costly time off work. Complete our Diagnose Me form and get a diagnosis and bespoke back to health pack from one of our fully accredited practitioners today and start your journey back to health.

Economical & Efficient Online Referrals

Economical and efficient online referral for imaging appointments or to a Specialist or Consultant. Our system avoids the need for multiple, time wasting and expensive, levels of referral. Complete our Refer Me form and get the referral you need today.

Practice Management System Designed For You

The Physio4Me Rehab Database is a practice management software designed by Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists for you.

Secure, Portable & GDPR Ready

All our services are designed from the ground up with security at the heart of the process. All your data is GDPR ready and can be accessed from any compliant device with an internet connection. No software to install or backup!

Diagnose Me

Our highly qualified injury practitioners can provide accurate, economic and efficient injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation advice and, if necessary, prescribe referrals to local accredited clinicians for efficient hands on treatment.

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Refer Me

Need a referral for an MRI, a DXA scan, X-ray, or a Speciality or Consultant’s appointment? No problem, Physio4Me can prescribe you the referral you need, no waiting times no hoops to jump through. Simply complete an online Refer Me form and leave the rest to us.

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Practice Management & Rehab Database

Our Rehabilitation Database is an easy to use practice management tool. It allows you to securely write and save medical records and efficiently share bespoke rehabilitation protocols with your patients to aid their recovery.

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Physio4Me Online Physios

We are a UK based provider of online exercise prescription software. Use our sports injury website to get your injury diagnosed and to find a doctor, physiotherapist, clinician, chiropractor or osteopath.


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