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Thoracic Spine Stretch

Hold a dowel (or broomstick, if you do not have either you can complete this exercise without but make sure to keep your elbows and hands in line and at an appropriate distance apart) with your palms facing towards the ceiling. Kneel on the ground in front of a bench or table with your knees directly under your hips. Place your elbows up on the bench approximately shoulder width apart. Keeping your elbows on the bench, press your chest down into the floor and sit back towards your heels, allow your shoulders, chest and neck to relax into the movement. Hold for the duration indicated by your clinician before returning to the starting position. This completes one set. Repeat for the number of sets indicated by your clinician.

Top Tips

Do not tense through your neck and jaw. Place the tongue on the roof of the mouth to activate the deep neck flexors to support your neck.